Fifty Shades Freed Extended Version

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From: Christian Grey
Subject: Challenging but amusing Young Women
Date: May 27 2011 08:56
To: Anastasia Steele
My palm is twitching. Drive safely Miss Steele.

Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

The Audi is a joy to drive. It has power steering. Wanda, my Beetle, has no power in it at all – anywhere, so my daily workout, which was driving my Beetle, will cease. Oh, but I will have a personal trainer to contend with, according to Christian’s rules. I frown. I hate exercising.
While I am driving, I try and analyze our email exchange. He’s a patronizing son-of- a-bitch sometimes. And then I think of Grace and I feel guilty. But of course, she wasn’t his birth mother. Hmm that’s a whole world of unknown pain. Well, patronizing son-of- a-bitch works well then. Yes. I’m an adult, thank you for reminding me, Christian Grey, and it is my choice. The problem is, I just want Christian, not all his… baggage – and right now he has a 747 hold’s worth of baggage. Could I just lie back and embrace it? Like a submissive? I’ve said I’d try. It’s an awfully big ask.
I pull into the parking lot at Clayton’s. As I make my way in, I can hardly believe it’s my last day. Fortunately, the store is busy and time passes quickly. At lunchtime, Mr. Clayton summons me from the stockroom. He’s standing beside a motorcycle courier.
“Miss Steele?” the courier asks. I frown questioningly at Mr. Clayton, who shrugs, as puzzled as me. My heart sinks. What has Christian sent me now? I sign for the small package and open it straight away. It’s a BlackBerry. My heart sinks further. I switch it on.

From: Christian Grey
Subject: BlackBerry ON LOAN
Date: May 27 2011 11:15
To: Anastasia Steele
I need to be able to contact you at all times, and since this is your most honest form of communication, I figured you needed a BlackBerry.

Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

From: Anastasia Steele
Subject: Consumerism Gone Mad
Date: May 27 2011 13:22
To: Christian Grey
I think you need to call Dr. Flynn right now. Your stalker tendencies are running wild.
I am at work. I will email you when I get home. Thank you for yet another gadget.
I wasn’t wrong when I said you were the ultimate consumer. Why do you do this?

From: Christian Grey
Subject: Sagacity from one so young
Date: May 27 2011 13:24
To: Anastasia Steele
Fair point-well made, as ever Miss Steele. Dr. Flynn is on vacation.
And I do this because I can.

Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

I put the thing in my back pocket, hating it already. Emailing Christian is addictive, but I am supposed to be working. It buzzes once against my behind… how apt, I think ironi- cally, but summoning all my willpower, I ignore it.
At four, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton gather all the other employees in the shop, and during a hair-curlingly embarrassing speech, present me with a check for three hundred dollars. In that moment, three weeks of – exams, graduation, intense, fucked-up billionaires, de-
flowering, hard & soft limits, playrooms with no consoles, helicopter rides – and the fact that I will move tomorrow, all well up inside me. Amazingly, I hold myself together. My subconscious is in awe. I hug the Claytons hard. They have been kind and generous em- ployers, and I will miss them.

Kate is climbing out of her car when I arrive home.
“What’s that?” she says accusingly, pointing at the Audi. I can’t resist.
“It’s a car,” I quip. She narrows her eyes, and for a brief moment, I wonder if she’s go- ing to put me across her knee too. “My graduation present.” I try and act nonchalant. Yes, I get expensive cars given to me everyday. Her mouth drops open.
“Generous, over-the-top bastard, isn’t he?” I nod.
“I did try not to accept it, but frankly, it’s just not worth the fight.” Kate purses her lips.
“No wonder you’re so overwhelmed. I did note that he stayed.” “Yeah.” I smile wistfully.
“Shall we finish packing?”
I nod and follow her inside. I check the email from Christian.

From: Christian Grey
Subject: Sunday
Date: May 27 2011 13:40
To: Anastasia Steele
Shall I see you at 1 p.m. Sunday?
The doctor will be at Escala to see you at 1:30. I’m leaving for Seattle now.
I hope your move goes well, and I look forward to Sunday.

Christian Grey
CEO, Grey Enterprises Holdings Inc.

Jeez, he could be discussing the weather. I decide to email him once we’ve finished pack- ing, he can be such fun one minute, and then he can be so formal and stuffy. It’s difficult to keep up. Honestly, it’s like an email to an employee. I roll my eyes at it defiantly and join Kate to pack.

Kate and I are in the kitchen when there’s a knock at the door. Taylor stands on the porch, looking immaculate in his suit. I notice the trace of ex-army in his buzz cut, trim physique, and his cool stare.
“Miss Steele,” he says. “I’ve come for your car.”
“Oh yes, of course. Come in, I’ll fetch the keys.”
Surely this is above and beyond the call of duty. I wonder again at Taylor’s job descrip- tion. I hand him the keys, and we walk in an uncomfortable silence for me – toward the light blue Beetle. I open the door and remove the flashlight from the glove box. That’s it. I have nothing else that’s personal in the Wanda. Goodby,, Wanda. Thank you. I caress her roof as I close the passenger door.
“How long have you worked for Mr. Grey?” I ask. “Four years, Miss Steele.”
Suddenly, I have an overwhelming urge to bombard him with questions. What this man must know about Christian, all his secrets. But then he’s probably signed an NDA. I look nervously at him. He has the same taciturn expression as Ray, and I warm to him.
“He’s a good man, Miss Steele,” he says, and he smiles slightly. With that, he gives me a little nod, climbs into my car, and drives away.
Apartment, Beetle, Claytons – it’s all change now. I shake my head as I wander back inside. And the biggest change of all is Christian Grey. Taylor thinks he’s a good man. Can I believe him?

José joins us with a Chinese take-out at eight. We’re done. We’re packed and ready to go. He brings several bottles of beer, and Kate and I sit on the couch while he’s cross- legged on the floor between us. We watch crap TV, drink beer, and as the evening wears on, we fondly and loudly reminisce as the beer takes effect. It’s been a good four years.
The atmosphere between José and I has returned to normal, the attempted kiss forgot- ten. Well, it’s been swept under the rug that my inner goddess is lying on, eating grapes and tapping her fingers, waiting not so patiently for Sunday. There’s a knock on the door, and my heart leaps into my throat. Is it?
Kate answers the door and is nearly knocked off her feet by Elliot. He seizes her in a Hollywood-style clinch that moves quickly into a European art house embrace. Honestly… get a room. José and I stare at each other. I’m appalled at their lack of modesty.
“Shall we walk down to the bar?” I ask José, who nods frantically. We are too uncom- fortable with the unrestrained sexing unfolding in front of us. Kate looks up at me, flushed and bright-eyed.
“José and I are going for a quick drink.” I roll my eyes at her. Ha! I can still roll my eyes in my own time.
“Okay,” she grins.
“Hi Elliot, bye Elliot.”
He winks a big blue eye at me, and José and I are out of the door, giggling like teenag-
As we stroll down to the bar, I put my arm through José’s. God, he’s so uncomplicated
– I hadn’t really appreciated that before.
“You’ll still come to the opening of my show, won’t you?” “Of course, José, when is it?”
“June 9.”
“What day is that?” I suddenly panic. “It’s a Thursday.”
“Yeah I should make that… and you will visit us in Seattle?” “Try and stop me.” He grins.

It’s late when I arrive back from the bar. Kate and Elliot are nowhere to be seen but boy can they be heard. Holy shit. I hope I’m not that loud. I know Christian isn’t. I flush at the thought and escape to my room. After a brief not-at-all-awkward-thank-goodness hug, José has gone. I don’t know when I’ll see him again, probably his photographic show, and once again, I’m blown away that he finally has an exhibition. I shall miss him and his boy- ish charm. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him about the Beetle, I know he’ll freak when he finds out, and I can only deal with one man at a time freaking out at me. Once in my room, I check the mean machine, and of course, there’s an email from Christian.

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Fifty Shades Freed Extended Version
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