Jamie Dornan reflects on how Fifty Shades of Grey affected his career

Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan has reflected on how the movies have affected his career.

Kicking back with Variety, the Northern Irishman was asked about his philosophy around choosing acting roles following his breakthrough as BDSM-loving billionaire Christian Grey.


“I feel like you don’t have a f**king clue what’s right until you read it and you’re like, ‘Oh, this is it. This is what I want to do next,'” he admitted.

“I think I have a stronger sense of what’s not right for me. And one thing with this job is to challenge myself and one thing is to keep a very large element of variety.”

Adding that he feels “lucky” in the work he’s done post-Fifty Shades, Jamie also shared that there’s “a lot in the market of the $5 to $15 million budget movie”.

Jamie Dornan, Graham Norton show

“I personally believe that’s where the best scripts are,” he continued. “I’ve done things like Anthropoid or [Marie Colvin biopic] A Private War and some of these movies, I’m really proud of. I’m just lucky they came my way because of the box office success of Fifty Shades.”

During the chat, Jamie also revealed that he never worried that he’d be typecast after Fifty Shades, explaining that the movie series “always felt like it was this sort of one-all situation”.

“It was so unique. It can’t be typecast,” he reflected. “There aren’t a million scripts lying around about millionaires who are into BDSM.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades Darker

“I’ve never done anything close to since and probably never will again, because it’s kind of its own thing. It’s like we did it; it lived in its own world and it was a very big world and a lot of people cared about it. But it’s kind of like, ‘That was it.'”

Jamie Dornan will next appear in Kristen Wiig comedy Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, which is scheduled for release on July 31.


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